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Mission Statement

We are a non profit organization, dedicated to ensuring that the children attending our schools and libraries are provided with a safe, nuturing learning environment, safe from negative, destructive, and damaging influences. Critical to this mission, is the removal of pornographic material, images, advertisements, and videos from any school database products. 

Pornography has no place in any school or library.

If you wouldn't put it on the shelves where parents can see, why are you hiding it in a database?

If you wouldn't put it on the shelves where parents can see, why are you hiding it in a database?

The Nature of the Problem

Disturbing obscene image available in the school and library databases.

Stop this from appearing in your child's Homework Help

This is the type of material that EBSCO and other "Homework Help" research database providers are making available to our school children.

EBSCO commitment to its publishing partners. Links to obscene material are maintained.

Our Children Are Not A Target Market For Pornographers!

Here are the promises that EBSCO makes to its publishers; many of them providing access to obscene material.

Russian bondage site with graphic, violent, and very disturbing imagery.

Take Action Now! Demand this type of material be removed from school and library database products!

1. Call Tim Collins, President of EBSCO, at 978-356-6500, and demand that he clean up his product and remove the pornography.  

2. Call Bryson Stephens, Chariman of the Board of EBSCO Industries, at 205-991-6600 and demand that his company stop profiting from targeting our children as a market for pornography.  

3. Call your Board of Education and tell them to stop using our tax dollars to subscribe to EBSCO or any other database product that contains pornography. Tell them this is not OK.  

4. Go to your Library Board and School Board meetings and make sure they understand the problem. Do not take No as an acceptable answer!

Join Pornography is Not Education

Become a member and protect our children! By joining, you will be added to our email list. If you are a Colorado resident and wish to participate in our lawsuit, please indicate Yes on the final question below.Your information will not be shared with third parties.

What Can You Do?

  1. Contact your Board of Education.
  2. Protest at Board Meetings.
  3. Protest at your Library Board Meetings.
  4. Contact your State Legislator.

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